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About us

We formed HarmoniumUSA with a goal to bring historical musical instruments to consumers across the United States. Having played and worked with these instruments for over 3 decades, we feel it is our responsibility to increase access to these centuries’ old instruments in countries other than their origin.

Such increased access will ensure these instruments continue to flourish for centuries to come. Playing these instruments, one not only enjoys the sweetness and simplicity of centuries’ old sounds, but is also reminded of the legacy of our music loving ancestors. Playing these, we relive the music experienced by humanity since ages and realize how valuable this music is in today’s age.  

These instruments have applications that are universal in nature. From being played in spiritual music and classic folk, to contemporary and fusion, these instruments revitalize and add refreshing energy to any event, prayer service, musical compilation or live performance.   

We are overjoyed with the experiences of fellow Americans who have bought and used these high quality instruments. It brings us a sense of satisfaction knowing every day makes us one step closer to fulfilling our goal.

If you have any questions about these products, please reach out to us using information in the contact section.